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Ginger Oestreich

2023 Art in the Barn Artist

Acrylic, watercolor, pen and wash

In 2020 covid brought us all to a standstill. I decided to try painting animals with acrylic. I have painted objects and flowers with acrylic in the past. I found that I really enjoyed the details. In 2022 I decided to learn how to paint with watercolor. I needed to learn how to bring patients into my life.

Watercolor was the medium to teach me patience. With watercolor, you add layers to your images. Just the opposite of our lives where we try to strip our layers.

With acrylics, you add layers but cover underlying layers. Just like we cover up our insecurities in our lives.

Watercolor is also very free moving. Whereas acrylics stay where you place them. These mediums are very different to work with. This gives me the challenge of choosing the right medium for each project.

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