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Caleb Griswold

2023 Art in the Barn Artist

Acrylic Painting

Caleb was born with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, a brain disorder in which the bridge between the right and left side of his brain never developed. The neurologist painted a bleak picture of Caleb's future, telling us that he would probably never walk or talk. By the grace of God and years of therapy, Caleb is thriving and overcoming difficult circumstances. God has a special plan for Caleb's life. Caleb has a beautiful way of connecting with others, particularly dogs and the elderly. He spends countless hours volunteering at Muttland Meadows Dog Park, the nursing home and the humane society. His artistic talent through painting is miraculous since his fingers were so tight at birth that they had to be pried open to stretch. The neurologist once explained that Caleb does not have the main highway in his brain, but he will take the back country roads to hopefully get there...that he is! Caleb is an inspiration to us all!

Caleb is a self-employed artist of Paintings and Paws by Caleb, LLC. Caleb’s natural love for dogs and painting blossomed into a creative business specializing in customized dog portraits. His whimsical brush strokes and interpretation reflects how Caleb lives his life - in the moment, unhindered, and loving freely without abandon.

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